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What is it like to work with me?

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Confident you can handle the challenges and surprises you face each day? Happily moving forward? Because I am … although it wasn't always so. Today I see each new day as an adventure. I relish the twists and turns of dealing with the expected AND the unexpected … and I especially enjoy helping clients find that comfort level too.

Urban life in the 21st century is fast paced and often unforgiving. We're asked to 'embrace' change, juggle career and personal demands, stay informed, manage investments for our future, provide safety for our kids - all the while maintaining 'washboard abs'. Not that I have all the answers (or the abs). But I believe in you and your desire to move forward. I trust in your instincts, intelligence, and deep capacity for self-understanding and change.

My role is to help you sort out and clarify your concerns, deepen your self-knowledge, and assist you in making the shifts in thoughts and actions that will free you from anxiety and set the stage for your new confident way of 'stepping out'.

You can count on me to really listen to you, to ask the tough questions, tell you the truth, and give you the perspective and strategies you need.

Then, I'll help you figure out how to make the changes. I'm there as your mentor, information source, and sounding board … supporting you through the process of saying goodbye to crippling stress and saying hello to confidence.


Guiding Beliefs

  • You deserve a rewarding, fulfilling life … and you have that choice!

  • Some anxiety is normal - like breathing in and out - it's what keeps you alive. But it doesn't have to be your enemy. In fact, you can make it your friend, control the frequency and intensity of its visits, and learn to let it take vacations.

  • Living with destructive, overwhelming stress and anxiety is not an acceptable option - it can make you sick. Each of us has only one 'go-around', and not to enjoy it is a colossal waste … not to mention the emotional pain and futility that come with being chronically worried and despondent. I can help you get the joy back into your life.

  • You can learn to let go of stress and worry. Most of the 'calm' people you know have this knowledge, but because they absorbed it from modeling their families and environment, they are often unconscious of the specific skills and attitudes they call upon. You can learn these skills too. You can switch to a life of comfortable confidence (and model it for your own kids). I'll be teaching you to do this.

Expected Results

Like many of my clients, you may 'feel differently' after only one session. In other cases, the people in your life will start to notice changes before you do. You're calmer, more confident, less defensive, and better at communicating what you want. You're making plans and following through, involving others in a positive way, gaining energy, and having fun.

Confident living is about knowing you can handle life's day-to-day challenges. Our work will help you know you can meet those challenges. As a result you'll be more excited and hopeful about the future. The prospects are real - you'll be able to let go of your anxiety and worry, and breathe in hope and exhilarating new possibilities.

How I'm Different

When you're looking for help managing your stress and anxiety, there are a lot of 'experts' out there. What makes me different from other counsellors, coaches, and therapists?

  • I specialize in working with clients who struggle with everyday problems that have simply gotten out of hand. I help you develop the skills and strategies that will start you on the path to a new way of being.

  • I'm optimistic about my life … and yours. When our work is done, I want you to sleep like a baby and start every morning full of anticipation and confidence. 'Good enough' doesn't cut it for me. I want you to have complete confidence that you can handle the stresses of relationships and daily living.

  • My approach is 'strategic' - choosing the optimal strategies to get you the best results, quickest. We don't need to 'dig up and wring out' your whole past. Rather we focus on the problems you are currently facing, educate you about how your mind and body react to worry and stress, and give you workable strategies. Our ultimate goal is to teach you to be self-reliant … able to 'self-clear' your fears and worries, and confident that you can 'handle' whatever comes your way.

  • Our work together is very 'down to earth'. Although I am intuitive (and really caring), I am also educated and scientific - so there is no mystery, or magic about what we do together. During our time together, you can relax - knowing that you're getting the benefit of my cutting edge graduate education, and my experienced, real-world point of view (see about me).

  • And … I'm a life-long learner with a multi-disciplinary background. I read constantly and stay open to 'alternative' as well as mainstream ideas. For me life is about growth and discovery (and having as many healthy laughs as the journey permits). It's part of the mindset I bring to the discussion.


"Jim kept saying 'simplest is best'. He was right - now I'm calmer at work and I'm sleeping like a kid again. I'm really grateful."
- Gerald D. (Vancouver, B.C.)

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